Thammasorn Group was established in 1991 by Mr.Dhiti Towiwat and his engineer colleagues including environmental specialists. The business objective is to serve and solve environmental problems in Thailand. The company has successfully worked in water and wastewater treatment business for both government and private sector projects during the beginning under the concept of Total Water Management with products under dos-logo-med.

With trust from customers, the company has expanded the business into solid waste treatment process and services such as incinerators, sorting process, and etc. Then the company changed the business concept to be Total Environmental Management in order to cover more area of environmental including energy business. The sister company, Thammasorn Energy and Environmental Management Co., Ltd. (TEEM) was established to be responsible for energy and environmental business.

Thammasorn Group’s main policy is to focus on the most satisfaction to our customers in all area of water treatment, wastewater treatment, water storage including energy and environmental services and others with the group companies as the followings:


Our group companies